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6 Ways Quiet Quitting Is Affecting The Workplace

15 Feb 2023, Posted by Marketing Department in Blog

Quiet quitting refers to employees fulfilling only the duties and responsibilities listed in their job descriptions and declining to go above and beyond to benefit their employers. They may refuse new tasks or projects, decline to contribute to meetings, and avoid engaging in learning and…

Real Solutions to Increase Employee Retention

15 Dec 2022, Posted by Marketing Department in Blog

The first 90 days of onboarding impact whether a new hire remains with your company. During this time, your new employee works to prove they can succeed in the position. Concurrently, help your new hire acclimate to the role and company and begin adding value….

Understanding Employee Appreciation

15 Oct 2022, Posted by Marketing Department in Blog

Accounting for others’ personal needs helps people more effectively communicate. Authentic displays of appreciation increase employee retention rates. This is especially important as The Great Resignation continues. Communicating appreciation based on what each employee values helps the message resonate with the individual. This encourages employees…