Why Stress Management Is Essential In Ensuring Workplace Safety

15 Jun 2023, Posted by Marketing Department in Blog

Employees face a range of workplace stressors. Examples include adaptation to new workspaces or rules, taking on additional tasks or responsibilities, and concerns about job security. Ongoing exposure to stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. These issues can negatively impact…

The Role Of AI In Modern Talent Recruitment

15 May 2023, Posted by Marketing Department in Blog

Artificial intelligence (AI) includes machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and robotic process automation. Companies can implement these technologies in modern talent recruitment software to assist with sourcing and hiring. AI analyzes data, such as resumes or employee profiles. Then, the technology makes recommendations…

Ways To Improve Your Onboarding And Training Processes

17 Apr 2023, Posted by Marketing Department in Blog

A 2022 study by Zippia found that a thorough onboarding process can increase new hires’ productivity by 70%. Out of those employees with a positive view of their onboarding, 69% remain with their employer for at least 3 years. An effective onboarding program integrates new…

How To Manage Millennials Vs. Gen Z In The Workplace

15 Mar 2023, Posted by Marketing Department in Blog

Managing Millennials and Gen Z requires different approaches. Members of these generations have different experiences, challenges, and aspirations. These factors impact Millennials and Gen Z’s worldviews and behaviors in the workplace. While differences may not apply to everyone of a respective generation, in general, Millennials…

6 Ways Quiet Quitting Is Affecting The Workplace

15 Feb 2023, Posted by Marketing Department in Blog

Quiet quitting refers to employees fulfilling only the duties and responsibilities listed in their job descriptions and declining to go above and beyond to benefit their employers. They may refuse new tasks or projects, decline to contribute to meetings, and avoid engaging in learning and…

Making Plans for a Successful 2023 Using Employee Surveys

15 Jan 2023, Posted by Marketing Department in Blog

Do you want help planning for a successful 2023? If so, ask your employees for their input. Your employees know what worked well during the past 12 months. They also have suggestions for improvement for the coming year. Through employee surveys, you gather ideas and…

Real Solutions to Increase Employee Retention

15 Dec 2022, Posted by Marketing Department in Blog

The first 90 days of onboarding impact whether a new hire remains with your company. During this time, your new employee works to prove they can succeed in the position. Concurrently, help your new hire acclimate to the role and company and begin adding value….

How to Best Attract Gen Z and Millennial Applicants

15 Nov 2022, Posted by Marketing Department in Blog

The 2022 Gallup report How Millennials Want to Work and Live found that 71% of millennials are disengaged at work. Fifty-five percent are actively disengaged. Disengagement is one of the reasons why millions of employees have been changing jobs during The Great Resignation. These employees…