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Real Solutions to Increase Employee Retention

15 Dec 2022, Posted By


The first 90 days of onboarding impact whether a new hire remains with your company. During this time, your new employee works to prove they can succeed in the position. Concurrently, help your new hire acclimate to the role and company and begin adding value.

Onboarding remote or hybrid employees is more challenging than onboarding in-office employees. Remote or hybrid employees often feel less connected to their team than onsite employees. As a result, many new hires consider leaving their positions.

Fortunately, providing an effective onboarding program can significantly improve employee retention. The more positive the onboarding experience, the more prepared, supported, and productive new hires tend to be. This increases employee confidence and work performance. It also encourages new hires to remain long-term.


Implement these solutions to increase employee retention.


Warmly Welcome Your New Hire

  • Have the interview panel and leadership team engage in a celebration call with your new hire after they accept the role.
  • Send a welcome box to your new employee’s home.
  • Email 2 days in advance any last-minute information and details about what to expect on the new hire’s first day.
  • Reaffirm your new employee’s decision to work for you.
  • Designate an employee to greet your new hire either in person, virtually, or through a messaging platform.
  • Provide the tools and technology your new hire needs to work.
  • Share the first week’s meetings, trainings, calendar invites, and other agenda items.


Promote Employee Relationships

  • After the new hire accepts the job offer, send on-demand content regarding your company’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Promote connections between your new hire, colleagues, and coworkers during the first week.
  • Schedule one-to-one meetings between your new employee and immediate and cross-functional teammates.
  • Connect your new hire with employee resource groups.
  • Train your new employee to communicate using email, the company’s communication platform, and other methods.
  • Promote participation in company events.
  • Get to know your new hire on a personal level.


Prioritize Role Clarity

  • Establish what success looks like and how the company measures success within the position, team, and organization.
  • Clarify team goals and objectives.
  • List your new hire’s 30-, 60-, and 90-day goals.
  • Provide training and shadowing opportunities.
  • Educate your new employee on the cross-functional overlap.
  • Discuss the projects, initiatives, and training to make progress toward 30- and 60-day milestones.
  • Request ongoing feedback from your new employee.


Celebrate Employee Wins

  • Maintain conversations and accountability around your new hire’s 30-, 60-, and 90-day milestones.
  • Finish your new employee’s first project initiative after 30 days.
  • Have the leadership team and coworkers review the project results and provide feedback.
  • Encourage your new hire to share their ideas during meetings.
  • Express appreciation for your new employee through personalized notes or emails, a messaging platform, or company meetings.
  • Recognize and reward your new hire for reaching their 60- and 90-day milestones.
  • Discuss your new employee’s goals and objectives for the rest of the year.


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