How To Manage Millennials Vs. Gen Z In The Workplace

Managing Millennials and Gen Z requires different approaches. Members of these generations have different experiences, challenges, and aspirations. These factors impact Millennials and Gen Z’s worldviews and behaviors in the workplace.

While differences may not apply to everyone of a respective generation, in general, Millennials and Gen Z may view work and approach tasks differently. Understanding these differences enables you to adjust your management style to help the generations collaborate in the workplace.


Implement these tips to manage Millennials and Gen Z in the workplace.


Respect Privacy

Millennials are open about their personal lives, having grown up posting online and freely sharing their knowledge and experiences. Millennials may be more inclined to blend their personal and professional lives.

In contrast, members of Gen Z tend to be private about their personal lives, limiting the information they share with others to maintain security. Gen Z may prefer to separate their personal and professional lives.

Maintain awareness of Millennials’ and Gen Z’s preferences for privacy when interacting with your team. Although some of your employees may be willing to discuss their families, hobbies, and personal interests, others may prefer to keep things strictly professional.


Provide Motivation

Millennials are motivated to work for a company that serves a social purpose. They also prefer organizations that encourage work-life balance.

Gen Z prefers to support social causes on their own to make a more direct impact on what matters to them. They also value skill development and career advancement.

Motivate millennials to work for your organization long-term by emphasizing the social purpose fostered by your company. Offer your team remote or hybrid work and a flexible schedule to promote work-life balance.

Motivate Gen Z to remain with your company by providing stretch assignments, cross-training, and mentorship. Through these opportunities, your team can add to their skill sets and advance their careers.


Monitor Work Styles

Millennials value teamwork. They appreciate receiving regular input as a part of learning and making decisions.

Millennials also enjoy engaging with colleagues and coworkers, thriving in open office plans and shared workspaces.

Conversely, Gen Z values independence and may prefer to figure things out on their own.

Gen Z is competitive and focused on individual success. They like being in control of the end product.

You can effectively manage Millennials and Gen Z by providing a mix of independent and collaborative work. Also, encourage your team members to provide each other with the desired level of independence while completing tasks by the deadlines.


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