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Get your workforce organized.

Welcome to your managed workforce.

Peoplelink Group has created a best-in-class Contingent Workforce Outsourcing (CWO) program — one in which quality precedes quantity. Our portfolio suite of workforce solutions includes the Managed Service Program (MSP), providing program management and administration for quality coverage of all open requisitions, a robust Vendor Management System (VMS) to process the information, and a tough Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC) solution to mitigate the risk of worker misclassification.


With an MSP designed to deliver transparency between customer and service provider, you’ll never wonder whether service is being delivered or not. Most importantly, our MSP is tailored to the customer’s needs, expectations, and challenges in order to secure tangible workforce solutions – solutions that afford real growth and profitability. Following suit, we’ve partnered with SimpleVMS® to bring our customers the benefit of a technology tool that includes supplier management, order distribution, consolidated billing, headcount tracking, and in-depth reporting functionality.

Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC)

Concerned about independent contractor compliance? Don’t be. Peoplelink Group has partnered with iWorkGlobal to ensure our clients are safely engaging independent contractors (ICs) and Statement of Work consultants (SOW). iWorkGlobal is an authority in global workforce management and offers both domestic and international services related to the hiring, payment and management of employees and contract workers. Peoplelink has the capabilities of working with our clients to appropriately engage independent contractors, and if unqualified for IC status iWorkGlobal will provide complete employer of record/payrolling, IC risk mitigation, and agent of record services, so our clients can focus on running their business instead of managing their workforce.

Benefits of a Peoplelink CWO managed workforce:

  • Program management/administration
  • Greater access to talent
  • Improved quality of worker
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Supplier selection and management
  • Order distribution
  • Consolidated billing
  • Mitigation of risk

Services that evolve, values that remain ingrained.

Peoplelink CWO can assist your organization with workforce solutions by staying true to our organizational vision to be the biggest-little provider of outcome-driven productivity solutions in the world. By adhering to our focus on passion, engagement, ownership, profitability, leadership, and excellence, our CWO program will be directly dependent on the demonstrated value we bring to you, the client, and our ability to provide workforce solutions that evolve with your needs and exceed your expectations.